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Student statements

"I am so infected by your joy in understanding the energies. The way you think into them and unfold them so that the rest of us can follow along. It gives job satisfaction. And it works:-)

Britta (MZ-Meridian therapy

"Thank you so much for the end - for a fantastic course and your excellent way of teaching :-) I have to say that things have changed again. After the last part of Muscular Reflexology, I have had really good results with clients - and they are crazy. Really another eye-opener for how much meridians actually have importance for the body".

Lene (Muscular Reflexology part 2)


"Super cool course that I have been able to use every day since I took it, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is passionate about the subject".

Naja (Muscular Reflexology part 1)

"I am overwhelmed by the new techniques you have taught us. After 13 years as a reflexologist, I feel that I understand my profession much better - it all makes much more sense"

Linda - Muscular Zone Therapist :-)

"Thank you so much for this time. ... It really has been an amazing journey to learn how to work with Reflexology in this way. And as I told you, now I can't understand how I could have treated my clients without this great tool"

Ellen - Muscular Zone Therapist

THANKS for great teaching, THANKS for a fantastic tool.

The "driver's license" here is second to none

Ulla - Muscular Zone Therapist

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