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"I get so inspired by your joy in understanding the energies. The way you think into them and unfold them so that we can follow. It gives work joy. And it works :-)

Britta (MZ-Meridian Therapy)

"Good tools in the box. Helped many in my clinic. Thank you for Muscular Reflexology  :-)



"Course over! Two wonderful days in Oslo with learning of blockages in the meridians. I have witnessed that 3-4min work on a blockage (reflex on the foot) has released symptoms such as shoulder problems and sacroiliac joint disorder. I can't wait to apply the techniques. Fantastic - absolutely fantastic.Thanks to Christian Slot!



"Super course that I have been using every day since I took it, so I would clearly recommend it to anyone who is passionate about Reflexology".

Naja (Muscular Reflexology Part 1)


"Just agree to the tribute - great days with an incredibly talented teacher"


"It's such a good tool, use it every day at the clinic".

Maria (Muscular Reflexology Part 2)

"I am overwhelmed by the new techniques you have taught us. After 13 years as a reflexologist, I feel that I understand my profession much better - it all makes much more sense"

Linda - Muscular Reflexologist :-)

"An effective and important technique to know - Highly recommended"



"Top qualified post graduate course. Can really be highly recommended"



"I agree. It is so useful a superstructure".

Lise Lotte-


"Thank you very much - for a fantastic course and the way to teach :-) Have to say that again I have been moved again. After the last part of Muscular Reflexology I have really had great results with clients - and they are elusive. Really yet another eye opener to how much meridians really matter to the body ". Lene (Muscular Reflexology Part 2)


"It was really a fantastic course that I can already use tomorrow."

Vivi (MZ-Meridian Therapy)

"It was sooooo cool and it will be crazy exciting to get started in the clinic this week"

Elin (MZ-Meridian Therapy)

"Wow - a MEGA good course."

Rie (MZ-Meridian Therapy.)

"Thank you so much this time. Amazing tool "

Ellen - Muscular Reflexologist

THANK YOU for super teaching, THANK YOU for a great tool.

The "driver's license" here is unsurpassed

Ulla - Muscular Reflexologist

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