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The post graduate course for the Muscular Reflexology

TKM-Zoneterapi is the natural superstructure.

Within reflexology, we have traditionally only taken the most accessible part of the energy understanding from acupuncture to us. The very idea of balance and imbalance - i.e. the idea of too much and too little. But it is not the full truth.

Perhaps you have experienced that what you are doing works - but it is as if the last thing is missing. Zone areas continue to express tenderness despite your tenacity.

Often this is because the body, despite the information you give via the feet - is not able to carry out the task. There is simply something missing.


The climates. These are factors that are part of an imbalance and which we usually do not include in our treatment. In reality, they describe energetic states - changes.

Of course, the feet also offer opportunities for treating these conditions and when these are included, you see that the soreness quickly disappears out of the zone and that the result appears faster and without side effects.

TKM-Reflexology is only offered as a supplement to the training as Muscular Reflexology.


Department of Muscular Reflexology

co/Vestergade 39.2

5000 Odense C

Phone: 45 30209950

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