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It is with pride that I can present  the poster series The Essential Charts, which is a collaboration between eAnatomi and ME.

The poster series includes several specialized publications, all of which emphasize guidance and an overview in the most beautiful design.

On this page you can see how beautifully it can be done when you work together with the most talented...

"Reproducing accurate models of the human anatomy is a great challenge. Reproducing mirror images of the same for the feet, so that REFLEXzones can be found and used - is an even greater challenge. If it can be succeeded - and at the same time express beauty, harmony and precision, then the best possible result has been achieved.I think I have succeeded.


This poster”Skeletal System”is the first of several about reflexology.

The poster has been made possible by examining the muscular REFLEXzones on the feet over 25 years. The muscular REFLEXES are by nature linked to bones and these will therefore make the REFLEXzone locations of the bones visible.


Reflections arise from different understandings and the truth thus has different faces. It is therefore natural that different variants of REFLEXzone locations and sizes are seen around the world.

I hope that this visibility will be of inspiration and joy for both students and colleagues, even where it may break with a different understanding. Regardless, it is hoped that it can show clients how a reflexologist sees the zones of the feet while the treatment is being carried out."

Christian Castle

The poster can be purchased

The 5-element theory and the organ clock

Guidance and overview in the most beautiful design

The poster brings together the basic theories and laws about the body's energy circulation and presents them aesthetically and educationally. The goal is the ultimate tool for both students and professionals.

The poster can be purchased

Reflexology 1 - The skeletal system

zone poster1.jpg

The 5-element theory and the organ clock

5-element poster.jpg

The Essential Charts

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