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Christian Slot underviser her i Muskulær Zoneterapi i Norge

Teaching at IFH-Institute For Comprehensive Medicine in Oslo.

Christian Slot : Conducts all teaching of Muscular Reflexology as continuing education here in Denmark. Also teaches basic education at IFH - Institute of Comprehensive Medicine in Oslo and Bergen, Norway.


Claus Schultz : Head of the FDZ-Reflexology School "Dit Alternativ" in Odense:The only approved teacher, as well as a school in Denmark. Supervises the teaching of basic training of reflexology. You can thus become a Muscular Reflex Therapist, as well as a general Reflexologist in the same education here.


Tuva Valdahl: Teacher at IFH, Norway. Many years of practice as well as teacher, and as a reflexologist and muscular reflexologist. Authorized to teach TCM Reflexology and Muscular Reflexology Part 2 in Norway.


There are no other teachers currently. who are authorized to teach Muscular Reflexology. Both teachers are hand-picked for the assignment based on their personality as well as their professional skills. To be empowered, it also requires the teacher to follow the teaching in both modules several times, that at least one has been trained as a reflexologist with full practice for 10 years, and that at least two years have teaching experience in reflexology. All this to ensure the level of education.


Therefore, be aware of whether your teacher is authorized from here and meets the requirement if you want to ensure the level.


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