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The teachers are hand-picked for the task - based on their personality as well as their professional skills. In order to be authorized, it is also required that the instructor follows the teaching in both modules several times, that you have at least been trained as a reflexologist with full practice for 10 years, and that you have at least 2 years of teaching experience in reflexology. All this to ensure the level of teaching.

Only teachers listed on this page are approved and only through teaching from here, you will be able to receive the logo linked to the education and to the use of the same.

Department of Muscular Reflexology

The Department of Muscular Reflexology at Christian Slot is the provider of the training for Muscular Reflexology.

The training is also an integral part of the basic training at the Zone Therapist School Dit Alternativ in Odense. The same applies at the Institute of Holistic Medicine in Oslo, where part 1 is integrated.

The education  is also offered as an extension to the basic education at other schools - e.g. at the TKZ school in Varde, as well as at the Danske Zoneterapeutskole in Copenhagen.

The concept was developed by Christian Slot and is still being developed. As a school leader and teacher, Christian has created this with a background of more than 30 years of experience and he has taught more than 600 reflexology therapists either as students at the school or as trainees in both Denmark and Norway.


The training can also be arranged at other schools - both inland and abroad. If interested, please contact the institute.

Meet the teachers

Christian Castle
The developer of Muscular Reflexology
RAB - Acupuncturist, Rab Reflexologist
Owner of the Institute for Muscular Monotherapy
Author of the book Muscular Reflexology
claus s.jpg
Claus Schultz
Rab Reflexologist, Rab Acupuncturist
head of school at the reflexology school Dit Alternativ.
Authorized to teach Muscular Reflexology on the school's basic course
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