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Muscular Reflexology level 1

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Muscular Reflexology level 1
The journey begins!

Muscular reflexology level 1 - "Hands on teaching 5 days of 8 hours each. You must therefore go through 40 hours of teaching.

We naturally start with the basic understanding of balance distributed through the spine. For this, a so-called box understanding is introduced. Each box is "stacked" on top of each other - and is thus affected by the box below. The lower "box" corresponds to the pelvis, with all the bones and muscles contained within it. In the pelvis, the most important element is the sacroiliac joint. In order to be able to treat for full function and mobility, there is a need to know all the muscles that belong in this area. In other words, you learn where on the feet the zones for all the muscles in this area are, as well as how they feel when the muscles are under tension and, of course, also how they should be treated.

Continue in the same way in the other "boxes". And of course also in relation to the limbs.

Some muscles react more often than others to emotional states and are therefore best treated with an approach that intervenes in this area.. For this you will learn about so-called "valve treatments".

We go through many different states including; locked sacroiliac joint, pelvic dislocation, hip pain, lower back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, facet syndrome, pain between the shoulder blades, various neck problems, vertebral problems, neck posture, jaw and bite problems, shoulder problems, tennis elbow, knee disorders and much more.

"A fantastic course that I've been able to use every day since I took it, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone passionate about the profession."

Naja (Muscular Reflexology Part 1)


Department of Muscular Reflexology

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