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Muscular Reflexology level 3


Muscular Reflexology level 3
Meridian therapy

Meridian therapy - it's new - it's effective - it's different!

This time it is 4 days of 7 hours.

The meridian therapy is based on the mirrored meridians, which were part of Muscular Reflexology part 2. This time, however, they are used differently and based on a somewhat different understanding. The understanding comes from the world-renowned acupuncturist dr. tan who revolutionized acupuncture. The understanding is translated here into use in the reflexology, and this with surprisingly fast effect and with an excellent ability to remove tension and pain.

"It was soooo cool and it will be crazy exciting to get started in the clinic this week"

Elin (MZ-Meridian therapy

"Hold on - a MEGA good course."

Rie (MZ-Meridian therapy.)


Department of Muscular Reflexology

co/Vestergade 39.2

5000 Odense C

Phone: 45 30209950

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