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Muscular Reflexology level 2

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Muscular Reflexology level 2
Well done!

Now begins a completely new approach. We now have to go through 7 days of 7 hours each - all about making a Chinese diagnosis. We go through the "organ connected" muscles and together with this you get to know so-called alarm points. These signal tenderness when there are energetic problems and, compared to the organ-controlled muscles, it is relatively simple to make a Chinese diagnosis, which is after all about a lack of balance and thus "too much" and "too little".

Many are unsure about the use of the Chinese laws, - we need to change that :-)

Most people know meridians, but as something new, you learn to "mirror" these to the feet, as well as to understand both the importance of these, but also to see what they do - in relation to zones and thus the understanding of reflexology. We learn to use them, both diagnostically and for treatment purposes.

You are now able to combine the western approach with the eastern one - the physical approach with the emotional one and therefore you have now become a Muscular Reflexologist.


Together with your diploma, you also get the logo, which you can freely use in your marketing.

"Top-qualified advanced training." Can really be highly recommended." Lillian


Department of Muscular Reflexology

co/ Vestergade 39.2

5000 Odense C

Phone: 45 30209950

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